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Scienceview Media

Scienceview makes audio-visual productions with a scientific, cultural and educational slant.

Chris Blokhuis

Cameraman | Producer

Manfred van Eijk


Who are we and what do we do?

Scienceview is an audiovisual company that specializes in documentaries and current affairs, reporting on scientific, cultural and historical topics. Over the past 25 years, Chris Blokhuis (cameraman / producer) and Manfred van Eijk (director / producer) have made a range of documentaries, including films on the emergence of infectious diseases, forest fires, and the destruction and disappearance of precious natural habitat. The treatment is often highly critical of society. We are concerned for the future, both of humankind and the environment. We reveal these cares and problems in our documentaries, at the same time showing how the issues can be tackled by politicians, scientists, and society at large. The power of the image can make complex problems comprehensible to a mass audience.

Our documentaries can often be viewed on the public broadcasting channels, and we frequently collaborate with scientific research institutes and universities.


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Scienceview Media BV
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